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Brighter than the moon by Slavky
by Slavky

Oh man, where do I start. First, of all, I have to say I love your unique style, especially on the tree. I really love the use of lines...

Tainted Love by AnAspieInPoland

Very gorgeous for a beginner. The viewer can really see the affection between these two, however it is hard to see what the background ...

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Grimalkin: Wrong Place At the Right Time (Bio) by Akara-Legend
Grimalkin: Wrong Place At the Right Time (Bio)
"Looks like you've wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time. Now....I have a little song for you and it goes like this: ~You better get ready to die~"

I think the shading may be off on this a bit...but no one should notice right?

Sketched by :iconakara-legend: lined and fixed by :iconoakfur422:

Grimalkin is from A Game of Chess & Knives and if you'd like to see him in action, please feel free to read it.
Grimalkin & A Game of Chess & Knives © :iconakara-legend:

~You may draw my OC
~You may NOT write creepypasta about my OC until further notice (I WILL have it removed)
~If you know who he is DO NOT spoil it for others

Full Name: Redacted

Meaning of name:……

Nickname(s): Black Cat

Creepypasta Name: Grimalkin

How Did They Get This Name and Why: I didn’t want to name him something similar like Cheshire, so I looked up different meanings of the word ‘cat’ and I named him after this word because it sounded interesting and scary. He’s considered a ‘grey pawn’ in AGOCAK.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 
December 13 1995

Place of Birth: United States

Race/Species: Human

Native language: English

Languages spoken: English

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Straight

Religion: Atheist

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): Redacted

Are They Dead: Undecided
If Yes, How’d They Die: Redacted

Date of Death: Redacted

Place of Death: Redacted


Blood type: AB

Mental Disorder: Cannibal

Phobia(s): Confronting people stronger than he is, large animals, Agoraphobia (The Fear of Open Spaces)

Allergies: None

Habits: Bites his nails, Whistles and sings to himself,

Powers/Special Abilities: None


Height: 5’’ 9’

Weight: 142

Hair color: Brown

Hairstyle: Messy and parted down the middle.

Eye color: Green

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Scars/Weird Marking(s): None

Birthmark: None

Skin: White

He wears a mask with an ear to ear grin and violet aqua blue axent wear headphones. He wears a striped scarf (based on the Cheshire cat). He wears a gothic jacket and light grey jeans with a spiked belt and blue high-tops. He has metal claws on (both) his gloves.

Jewelry/Accessories: Scarf, axentwear headphones

Scent: Bloody

Claw Gloves and a Gun

Physical Disorder/Disability: None

Never Seen Without: None

Other: None


Extremely flamboyant, takes everything as a joke, has some strange predator-like behavior at times and at other times acts completely normal (when he's in public or talking with people he knows/cares about), has outbursts when upset. 

All kinds of sweets - mainly strawberry tarts, he loves to eat (even normal food), Music about death, his friends (who he considers more as pets) 

other people, old buildings, graveyards, open spaces, smokers 

Hobbies: Redacted 

Most Prized Possession: Redacted

Flaws: Although he’s agile, he’s a poor fighter without his gun and he can’t swim

Pet Peeve: He hates the smell of smoke

Worst Way To Die: Mutilation
Best Way To Die: Laughing

Worst Way To Kill: Without having a bit of fun with them first~
Best Way To Kill (how they kill): 
Stalks the person while playing music about death (his favorite being 'Ready to Die'), Shoots the person in the leg when he gets bored, and tears them apart with his teeth and metal claws.

Targets To Killing: Anyone. (As long as they’re not a smoker/don’t smell)

Others: He targets small groups and like a predator he’ll single one out.

Motto(s): “Red means many things. Love, hate, lust…but the best of them all is satisfaction.” “Want to hear a song?”

Crush/Greatest Love: 

Love Song: Animal (Neon Trees)

Theme Song: Animal I Have Become

Battle Song: Ready To Die

Favorite Season(s): Spring
Least Favorite Season(s): Winter

Favorite Food(s): Human Flesh, Strawberry Tarts
Least Favorite Food(s): Anything spicy

Favorite Drink(s): Human Blood, Soda, Shakes, Malts, You Name It
Least Favorite Drink(s): Water, Root Beer

Favorite Color(s): Red, Peach, Scarlet, Ruby, Tan…
Least Favorite Color(s): Green

Favorite Holiday(s): Thanksgiving, Candy Day (Halloween), Pink Candy Day (Valentines Day)
Least Favorite Holiday(s): St. Patrick’s Day

Favorite Music: Pop, Rock, Death Metal
Least Favorite Music: Country

Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress): Needs One!

Canon Enemies:
Mr Stripes: (CP) ~ Mr. Stripes Reference
"What is up with this guy? Slenderman is cool because he isn't a smoker...he stays out of my way for the most part...but this guy...this guy...FUCKING SMOKES...and he smells like last weeks dirty laundry! This guy approached me one day..and oh boy! Did he reek of smoke! You know what happens that night? I'm ready to kill this guy, for sport of course - smoker's taste like burnt beef. THEN he turns into a fucking crater monster! With even more smoke! What is this? SMOKE! FARTS? FUCKING GROSS! Just my luck! I shot at him, but to no avail. I had no choice other than to run. Luckily, I was able to outrun this guy! Good grief! What a mess! I see him on the street sometimes, glaring at me. We exchange glares and whatnot. Childish if you ask me. Can't we argue like good men? I think he still may be after me...but I'm not sure..."

Friends: XX
Neutral: XX

Non-Canon Enemies (But Recognized): Nate the Heartripper in :iconcrimsonblooddrinker6:'s fanstory CP FanFic: Reborn Through Insanity. (Chapter 1.)
The Forgotten Proxy and James the Night Stalker in :iconace-of-bros:' comic: Legends to Be A new comic series?


Here's a little treat for you this Halloween. You didn't see this coming, did ya? 
Watch your booty.
Because Masky's coming for it.
(I swear, I'm going to never do something like this again...unless I get inspired) xD
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All right, :iconghostfacenikol: I'm doing this since you blocked me.

I really didn't have that much against you to begin with. I kind of just stayed on the sidelines and tried to be nice to you. The only time that I got really mad at you was when you picked on my watcher. Other than that, no - I was never mad at you. You're 15 years old, I can see where you're coming from. I know you're changing, so please, just unblock me and let's talk~
  • Mood: Sympathy
My brain is overloaded. Malfunction. Headache. ><
Before anyone attacks me, I want you to see these videos. This journal's going to be similar to what I did for SnuffBomb. I won't get upset towards anyone who posts, so don't worry. Hopefully, this journal will be just as calm as when I defended Snuff.

I've seen Nikol in action before. A few weeks ago she attacked one of my fellow watchers because his OC looked way too much like Skroll. He was so upset and disappointing that he nearly scrapped the OC. I however got in the middle, stopped it from happening. I should have taken that as a sign there was something wrong....but I didn't.

I wish :iconcreepypastaamateur: the best of luck on her recovery.

I come home, to see that GhostFaceNikol was unhappy about something. She didn't say what it was in her journals, but digging a little deeper I managed to find these two videos and when I saw it I was appalled by both :iconghostfacenikol: and :iconsuicide-n00dle: I know you're both young, but that's no excuse for this kind of behavior.

So I see this youtube comment:

"it's a bit hard to get the message through their heads. I mean, I actually laughed when she posted A MONTH OLD comment where I said for someone to make a hate stamp. Blaze was the one that hammered a nail into Nikol's head and she said 'oops' and removed it. all in all, from what I heard, she said that she's doing it for chris because chris was her friend back then but had to move. ming it doesn't give them the right to attack me and make hate stamps of me if no one ever made it. They need to grow a pair- but wait.. what's funny is that Nikol personally said to chris (i comment stalked them) that with them getting more haters, they are getting more watchers and to me, that's EXTREMELY A BAD MISTAKE! Not to mention they teamed up with axalona (the person who accused me of being a backstabber and she still talks shit about me even if I have her blocked) and that's how the hate stamp was made. All of those things said about me, are all lies. all of them. I countered it by saying that none of those are true, that those are ax's shitty words, and some of them believe me. But still, it doesn't mean they can just get away with it. I mean look at this: I even got some watchers of my own, it's not much, however, for me it's something. I got about.. 5-6 watchers. and that's all that matters to me. 

they are a lost cause anyways, if Encyclopedia Dramatica finds out about those 2 sending white knights at innocent people, well.. let's say that they are gonna have one hell of a time and be labeled as: "THE RIP OFFS OF AKAI DALIA!"

and also.. when I heard you say that they can track people down on the internet, I'm actually scared now, because I am afraid of telling it to my dad.. I mean.. dude.. just.. argh.. why can't they fucking think?! Because their brains are a size of a soy-nut! They don't even think of the consequences. also, they attacked another person 'claiming' that they're the girl. AkatsukiMyapet or Akihiro Shogai on Youtube, told me that they got attacked by a white knight and accused of being you."


"By the way.… Nikol still accuses me of being a liar sadly. she says that I am the one spreading lies while clearly, she's contradicting herself too much"

That was written by :iconcreepypastaamateur:

I realize the situation and go to check on her and do you know what she says to me?

"well, beside her still calling me a liar, I feel like everyday is gonna be my last, because all this stress, accumulating in my mind is preventing me from my draws and writings, and the more I think about committing suicide, the more I am close to the kitchen knife. no, I am not saying it as a way of pity or that I'm pulling out a suicide card, but I am serious about that, and I still wait for my dad to find a psychiatrist I can go to. and they say that I 'over-react' when they're the ones who spread lies about me? yea right.."

How does this make you feel, Nikol and SuicideNoodle? How does it feel to push someone to their limit?
Do you think you should apologize?
Even if you did that, that doesn't change the fact that Noodle's white knights are still after her.
And the only way to fix that is with a journal of apology. Both of you need to apologize to her. Now. 

And Noodle, like the girl in the video said: you need to change your attitude. You can't keep treating people like this. 

You can send your knights after me if you want to. I know you will. I've been attacked by people in real life and on the internet and I haven't broken. You won't break me either.

I only have one thing to say to you two:

The Loneliest Kind Of People by ka1i3aj
  • Mood: Sympathy

Here's a little treat for you this Halloween. You didn't see this coming, did ya? 
Watch your booty.
Because Masky's coming for it.
(I swear, I'm going to never do something like this again...unless I get inspired) xD
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Steampunk Animals
Late Again, Dear Alice? by Akara-Legend
Steampunk Owl by Akara-Legend
A detailed drawing with a white background of an animal of your choice. It can be a realistic animal from owls to elephants or a cartoon animal like mickey mouse or the white rabbit. It takes me around 4-5 hours to do one at the moment. 
Short Poems
Request a short poem commission here. This will be the only commission available for a while until I finish my novel. Thanks for you understanding. It's only a dollar and it's to help me get a book cover commission done. 


Akara-Legend has started a donation pool!
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Book Cover commission/Generous people/Pay for Commissions here please.

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Grimalkin by Lovapples

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