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Brighter than the moon by Slavky
by Slavky

Oh man, where do I start. First, of all, I have to say I love your unique style, especially on the tree. I really love the use of lines...

Tainted Love by AnAspieInPoland

Very gorgeous for a beginner. The viewer can really see the affection between these two, however it is hard to see what the background ...

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Fourm topic: We are a group dedicated to providing a place for girls to submit their amateur self-photography to get watchers or maybe a job as a model.  We get 30-50 views a day and have over 30+ watchers and we only started a week ago!  We're growing fast every day!

We even provide a way to expose your work even further by posting some works on our Twitter. 

Check out xxx and submit your work. 


Me: This completely disgusts me. Like, it's completely wrong. Pervert.

You should show some respect and read the conversation I had with xx as it clearly applies to you too.

Me: I did happen to read the conversation with xx. You were both immature. I refuse to show respect to someone who can't respect women. And you know what's different? You're arguing with a female. This is a conversation you won't win. Hug

xx: Then in that right, you shouldn't respect yourself.  Have respect for the models and keep your insecure opinions to yourself.

Me: I have plenty of respect for myself, that's why I don't show off my body. I'm not insecure whatsoever. In fact, I have enough guts to stand up for other people. You however, seem to have to respect for other people. Don't make claims about me when you don't have any facts to prove it. If the models want to do it, then it's their decision. It's still not right asking for selfies from girls like this. It's encouraging them to take inappropriate pictures of themselves.

Then why don't you stand up for the models who have the confidence and the desire to take nude pictures, in hopes of becoming professional models?  As for inappropriate, who are you to tell them what they can and cannot do with their bodies?  Who are you to tell them what is and isn't appropriate.  Like I said before: respect the models.   I also add, stop being self-righteous and thinking you have the right answers that are best for everyone.

"If the models want to do it, then it's their decision."
Did you not see this or are you blinded by your drive to hate me for my words?
THIS argument is ABOUT YOU and not them. YOU, the PERVERT encouraging this. GIRLS to be looked at by MEN.

You are being very sexist.  If I were a woman with the exact same group, would that make the group any more credible?  I think you should take your self-righteous war path somewhere else. 

I'm not sexist at all, actually. I have plenty of guy friends and I appreciate them as much as my female  friends. If there were a woman doing the same thing you were doing except with men I'd say the exact same thing. If you were a woman, I would wonder why you'd encourage that kind of thing. I think you should take your self-righteous war path somewhere else. 

xx: Yes, yes, that's like someone who says a racist comment and says "I'm not racist, I have lots and lots of black friends."  
Face it, this whole conversation is due to you being sexist toward me and all the possible watchers of the group.  You are also disrespecting the models.  You should stop.  Have respect for the models and for yourself.

I think that's a bit different than someone being friends with the opposite gender. If I disliked the opposite gender I'd avoid them at all costs. In fact, if you looked into me a little more, you'd see that I'm not sexist at all.
People like you on the other hand are my only problem and I have no reason to bother the watchers when you're the main source of the problem. I'm not even disrespecting the models. As I told you, I have no problems with what they do - it's their choice. I don't know how many times I need to say that. You're repeating yourself because you have nothing better to say to me.

You don't like hearing "you're wrong" do you?   You are being sexist and making an argument entirely off me being male, which has nothing to do with the group, the watchers, deviant art, the models, or this thread.   So, I think it is time you moved on and take your disrespect for the models and sexism elsewhere.  

Me: You're getting extremely immature at this point. I can't believe I didn't notice that before. And yet you still state that I'm disrespecting the models when I've told you twice that I had no problems with them. I was a little angry with you earlier, but now I can see you're just foolish and in fact, you have made my friends laugh at you for this conversation - both male and female. Congrats on your irrelevant babble.

Respect the models, sexist.  Take your narcissism somewhere else.

See, there you go repeating yourself again. Lovely.

xx: Because that's all I've asked for since the beginning.  For you to respect the models, stop being sexist, and take your crave for attention, elsewhere; and yet, you fail to deliver.   Do those and I won't repeat myself.   By the way, women lose arguments just as much as men, but then again, there's your sexism again.  [I don't know how he got that idea. I only said I was female so he didn't claim me being male and understood why I was arguing so intently] Good bye, Akara.  Hope you got the attention you craved.

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Steampunk Animals
Late Again, Dear Alice? by Akara-Legend
Steampunk Owl by Akara-Legend
A detailed drawing with a white background of an animal of your choice. It can be a realistic animal from owls to elephants or a cartoon animal like mickey mouse or the white rabbit. It takes me around 4-5 hours to do one at the moment. 
Short Poems
Request a short poem commission here. This will be the only commission available for a while until I finish my novel. Thanks for you understanding. It's only a dollar and it's to help me get a book cover commission done. 


Akara-Legend has started a donation pool!
11 / 3,000
Book Cover commission/Generous people/Pay for Commissions here please.

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