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So :iconhighqualityart: rejected My Imaginary Garden by Akara-Legend without giving me a decriptive reason of why they rejected it. I credited all of the stocks that I used and took a good amount of time working on it. She said: 


Unfortunately your submission has been declined due to it not meeting our group standards. Please do not let this offend or discourage you!

Blessed be

I know this seems nice at first, but do you notice how she doesn't say why? Look at their rules. The only rules that I could have broken were: 

1. If the work looks unfinished or needs soooo much work with other areas will be declined.
2. Your work muss be at least your best work so far.

My reasoning:

1. I used a pre-made background made by :iconfairiegoodmother: (sorry you'll probably see my rant now goodmother ><). If she'd just looked at the source of the pre-made background, she would have realized that there was nothing I could do about it. I actually think the background looks really nice compared to some other pre-mades. In fact, I've seen her stock used a lot, so why didn't she recognize it when she saw it? The background was indeed, a garden, like it should be. 

2. Not every work is going to be the best. You improve with practice. She knows that my earlier works were better, but can't I do something small and cute every once and a while and still make it look nice?

Earlier on the group I commented:

1. There was nothing wrong with my submission, so why was it declined? Which one did you decline because I cleared my messages? I get all my stocks off of deviant art. The only rule that could possibly be broken (and it wasn't) was this: Credit all stocks, I will not accept images from Google or random webs. Remember you are an artist, you can't steal from others and use it for your own placer. Add the DIRECT links to them even if they are purchased or add in the description if they are yours. (Ok, I didn't realize there was more in the journal at this time, so that was my fault.)

Ok, I think this one was explained at the beginning of the journal. About the rules part.

2. If the mistake was true, I can understand, but it was your fault, I'm afraid I will leave the group, sadly. I can't stand waiting another month to submit, sorry.

I hate when groups give you a long time to submit again. I can understand a few weeks, but an entire month? It's even worse since she declined it, that means I have to wait to submit again, and I refuse to wait that long. So I left.

I just looked at it, there was no reason for it to be declined. If you can't tell me why it's bad, then I have no reason than to leave. In fact, I'll just leave now until you can come up with a good reason. If you don't want me in this group anymore, so be it. I have other people in other groups who appreciate my work. I work hard on each piece, and it at least takes me and hour. I don't need someone telling me it is low-quality.

And that is where this journal came in. This is just a rant journal to let off some steam.

Class dismissed!


By way of an explanation, I'd say this was declined due to it not having a strong focal point.  The character almost gets lost among all the other details - it is important to remember that your focal point is the center of you artwork, and should therefore stand out the most. Emphasize it with strong lighting or a more suitable composition.

Hope this helps.

Someone clearly hasn't heard about the 'rule of thirds' When you put objects in the center, or focus on one object, the piece becomes boring. Isn't it nice to have another style every once and a while?

The rule of thirds by rontufox

Sometimes it's nice to have other objects to look at. Anyway, when I look at it, my eyes move towards the girl with the butterflies, then towards the mother. I guess some people just don't have that special eye. Oh well, it's over anyway. I wouldn't join the group if you don't like rejection with horrible explanation.


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